Water Kingdom – A day full of fun and adventure

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Water Kingdom in Mumbai

water kingdom

Water Kingdom in Mumbai

Water Kingdom is a very popular get out in Mumbai. Everyone talks about it and says it is a must visit in Mumbai if you love water adventure sports.It is a great place for kids too. Water Kingdom is spread over a huge space and greenery greets you. 

Having heard so much about it, I decided to visit Water Kingdom on May 17 along with my husband. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We have just had the most relaxing, beautiful morning. It was his birthday and I wanted to make it a memorable one. 

Water Kingdom is a water park situated in Gorai (Borivali West). Many people like to come here to escape heat and humidity by splashing around in the many water rides.

How to reach Water Kingdom

To get there we have to get down at Borivali railway station (west-side) and from there we took an auto to Gorai jetty. Auto is easily available to reach Gorai, there are ferries available to go to water kingdom. It was my first visit to this water park. We reached Gorai at about 11 am and were struck by seeing a huge long queue standing to take the ferry ride that takes one to Water Kingdom. For that you to first take the ferry ride ticket. Fortunately, we got the tickets very soon. 

Soon we board the ferry. As we reached there, they welcome us with band and triumph. There were jokers too to welcome you on the island. Once on the island, a toy train takes you to Water Kingdom and Essel World, which are next to each other. 

water kingdom

Wave Pool at Water Kingdom

Lockers are available on rent for 150/-rupees. For water rides you should have nylon clothes but if you have not brought, there are shops where nylon clothes are available for rent and for purchase.There are separate changing rooms for ladies and gents which are quite big. There we store our bag, wallet, and valuables in locker. Avoid carrying jewellery or other items with you.

Rides at Water Kingdom

water kingdom

What a Coaster ride at Water Kingdom Mumbai

Then we hit the rides. The wave pool was awesome The park’s central attraction is its wave pool with its water cannons and artificial waves generation. It is the most enjoyable place. They give waves regularly along with music. We went down to the waves. In the middle of the pool, there was most of the fun, cause the waves generated were the highest. That is where we spent most of the time.There are also fountains you can sit under in the more shallow sections of the pool.

water kingdom

Water Kingdom Homunga Kowabunga Ride

There were different rides and the adult rides were clearly mentioned. The other rides which were great were the two high slides namely Humunga-Kowabunga. These are adult slides. These were 90 and 60 degree slope respectively.The 90 degree slide is more thrilling.The staff were at their job, and were assisting everyone.They gave us instructions how to go in high risk rides and what position we should take? Don’t go with ornaments like bangles, Chain etc as they are not allowed on rides. These were thrilling rides. I missed a heart beat.

water kingdom

Water Kingdom Boble Boogie ride

Then there was the other slide,Boble Boogie, where you slide down on a tube.It was a ride called Amazon.Its where you sit on a tube and go down the amazon river alike.  The other attractions include a drifting river i.e. a circular river that you can float on a tube. A never ending loop of slow flowing water which just keeps drifting.I did not want to come out of it.There are small pools for children too and most of the times this pool is occupied by family with small kids. 

water kingdom

Drifting River at Water Kingdom

The Lagoon is a great combination of rides for the kids. Next, we move to Adventure Amazonia. There you go rafting down 3 ’rapid rivers’ Elephant safari, Rock n Roll safari, Serpent safari. That was Really adventurous. We did it twice even though it is a pain getting tubes because of long queues for it. Then we had lunch in the Water Kingdom. Outside food is not allowed but there are many options available inside with good Indian restaurants.Then we move towards Aquadrome,this place is very rocking with loud remix songs, its kind of rain dance.

water kingdom

Elephant Safari at Water Kingdom

The range of slides are pretty good, and there are many thrilling as well as calm slides.To enjoy, you will require the whole day.You can come in between the rides and take camera and click the memories. you can avail of all the rides, slides and pools at Water Kingdom as many times as you want as long as you want.

water kingdom

Rushing Gushing ride at Water Kingdom

It is one of the best place to be in Mumbai. The best place to spend a weekend, especially after tiring week.If you have been to Mumbai you should must visit this place. We had the best time there. It was an awesome and memorable day. We will definitely go there again.

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