New Year Night Trek to Gorakhgad

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New Year Night Trek to Gorakhgad with Trek Mates India (TMI)


Gorakhgad as seen from village Dehri. Image courtesy by Bibhas Hazari.

Happy New Year 2014

This time on new year I along with other trek mates decided to celebrate the new year in some different way. We decided to celebrate the new year at the top of a mountain and the mountain selected was Gorakhgad. I was feeling excited as soon as i enrolled for this new year night trek to Gorakhgad with Trek Mates India group of Mumbai. Everything was all set and the day came and we decided to meet together at the Dadar station at 11 PM. The roads were filled with traffic on the new year eve. Our bus came at 11.50 PM. As there were hardly 10 minutes left so, we decided to celebrate the new year at our bus stop only. One of our friend has brought a New Year cake with ‘Happy New Year 2014’ written on it. We cut the cake and celebrated the New Year in Mumbai only. But that was just the beginning of the fun that was going to happen. Everyone boarded the bus and occupied the seats. Another bus was joining us from Thane. At Thane some of the trek mates interchanged the bus to get the company of their friends. We started our journey with a group of 61 people. Soon we all started playing antakshri (a game of playing songs) ¬† in the bus and it was totally complete fun.

Gorakhgad is a small hill fort and lies in the Murbad region of the Maharashtra. It lies at a height of about 2150 ft from sea level. It is named after the saint Gorakhnath who had completed his sadhna on this mountain. Hence the name Gorakhgad for this mountain. The base village for Gorakhgad is Dehri.


A beautifull view from Gorakhgad. Image courtesy by Amika Saha.

Our bus reached the base village Dehri at around 2.30 AM. We all gathered at the temple of the village. There we had a small a introduction round and then again the cake cutting celebration for the new year. Thanks to the guys who brought those two big yummy cakes. We were given gurpoli(a chapati having jaggery in it) for breakfast here which we can eat anytime when we feel hungry. At 3 o’clock we started our night trek from the base village. It was a dense forest all around. Nothing was visible anywhere. This time we had four leads to guide us as we were a group of 61 people. One in the front, second in the back and two leads in between. We all started with our torches on. One girl was walking without torch and was facing problem in moving ahead. Luckily i had two torches with me. So, i gave one of my torch to her. In a night trek always carry a torch with you with a pair of extra batteries other wise you will face a big problem in moving ahead.

Gorakhgad, Ahupe Ghat

Ahupe Ghat as seen from Gorakhgad.

We covered some difficult patches in between and reach the entrance of the fort. Although the entrance is not so difficult but in the night it is totally a complete different picture. Even some regular trekkers were facing problem in climbing it as the wind was also very strong near the entrance of the fort. Just one slip and you are gone. You have to be very carefull in the night trek. All of us reached the main cave of the Gorakhgad at around 5 AM in the morning. The cave is big enough to accomodate 25-30 people at one time. The drinking water is available at the cave but it requires filtering.


Cave at Gorakhgad mounain. Image courtesy by Amika Saha.

When we reached there some other group had already occupied that cave. So we decided to take some rest outside the cave. There was enough space outside the cave too. Some people decided to take a small nap but some of us decided to tell stories to pass the time so that we doesn’t miss the sunrise for which we had come there. One of the girl of our group started telling her ghost stories and everyone was listening to her with full attention. The time passed by and the sun rays started to welcome us at the top of the mountain Gorakhgad. Everyone was out with their cameras and clicked some good photographs. That view was totally mesmerising. It was a very beautifull morning. The start of a new year can’t be better than this for a trekker like me.


Beautifull new year morning as seen from Gorakhgad cave. Image courtesy by Bibhas Hazari.

After enjoying the beautifull sunrise, we took our breakfast. Soon. we were surrounded by some monkeys. They are smart enough to peek into your bags if you are not carefull with your bags. Thankfully they didn’t harmed anyone but we clicked some good photographs with them. After having the breakfast, some of us decided to go to the top of the mountain Gorakhgad. Some decided to take rest in the cave but i along with my other trek mates decided to climb the mountain.


Trekkers climbing to reach the top of the Gorakhgad mountain.

The starting patch was little difficult but later on it was easy. This can be a tough patch in the monsoon season. After some time we reached on the top of the mountain. On the top of the Gorakhgad mountain, there is a small temple of Lord Shiva and saint Gorakhnath. There was also one small statue of Nandi Baill outside the temple. Soon all of us gathered at one place and decided to have a group photo. The view at the top of the mountain was very beautifull and scenic. We had lots of mountains surrounding us. This can be more beautifull in the monsoon season. I will definitely try to come here in the monsoon season.


Trek Mates at top of Gorakhgad. Image courtesy by Amika Saha.

After spending some time at the top we decided to move down to the cave. After reaching we again became hungry. Thankfully our friends had something for us. After eating something we again had one round of introduction as we didn’t saw the faces in the night time introduction. Just to pull each other legs, we were passing the ‘Babaji ka Thullu’ remarks to the person giving the intrduction. After this we started playing some songs and enjoyed a lot. Then we started our descend from the mountain. As it was already daytime, so this time it was easy for all of us. We reached the base village Dehri around 1.30 Pm. We took our lunch at the village and we were ready to leave the village by 3 Pm. From the window of the bus, i can see two pinnacles. The bigger one was the Gorakhgad and the smaller one was¬†Machchindragad. I was saying to myself that i will definitely visit this place again in the monsoon to see the true beauty of this place. It was an awesome trek and an awesome new year celebration. A trekker like me can’t ask for a better celebration than this.


Gorakhgad as seen from base village Dehri. Image courtesy by Amika Saha.

As a Nature Lover i request you all trekkers not to leave anything back at such beautifull places. Please help to preserve our beautifull mountains.




  1. Wow! Sudhir, the pics u have clicked are awesome! Never knew u had such hidden talent! Keep it up
    keep posting your new experiences..

  2. Wow! Its beautiful…..narration & amazing pics.

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